Audiophiles, visual types… how do you get your information fix?

Myself? I stay away from audiobooks because I can’t focus my racing mind to that level of detail. Yet it cannot be denied that audio is a uniquely convenient way to soak in information and new ideas. Many entrepreneurs I know prefer audio to take in information.

My good friend Sam is one of those entrepreneurs. He learns by listening: audio books, podcasts or even listening to someone else talk on a topic.  What about you?

Even if you’re not like Sam, most of us could use some distraction on the crowded commute or some entertainment to cook that cheftacular dish for dinner. That’s when podcasts can enrich your life.

And below is the list of the 10 podcasts which I’d recommend to any high achiever. They vary in themes which is a huge benefit – you get a variety of underlying messages and lessons to take away each week. Like other high achievers and entrepreneurs, you can look to these podcasts for inspiration as well as for ‘idea sex’. Idea sex, as coined by the infamous entrepreneur and author James Altucher, is the collision of various ideas you may have to generate even better, super-ideas. Sounds like what you’re looking for?

Then let’s get down to it. These are the top podcasts I default to when I need a spark to inspiration or a boost for achievements:


podcast - london realLondon Real

It’s about the journey.

This podcast started out as a video talk show by banker-turned-lifestyle-entrepreneur Brian Rose. Quickly it became one of the go-to podcasts to hear immersive conversations with high achievers. Some of the inspiring people Brian has interviewed so far are: James Altucher, Ido Portal, Dave Asprey, Dorian Yates, Chase Jarvis, Guy Kawasaki, and many more.

Whilst each episode of this podcast is packed with inspirational lessons from achievers, its biggest advantage is its style. Wheher you watch it as a video talk show or listen to just audio on your phone, London Real is like listening in to a conversation between two friends. No, the chats aren’t watered down with small chat and filler – Brian is just very good at making an instant connection with the guest which breeds trust so he can get right down to the core of what made the guest’s life journey so unique and valuable to the rest of us.

This is truly one of the best podcasts available for free.

To try out London Real, I recommend listening to this episode first: Peter Sage – Enlightened Entrepreneur (iTunes)


podcast - silicon realSilicon Real

A sister podcast to London Real, also run by Brian Rose.

However, Silicon Real is focussed just on interviewing people in the tech business and the startup scene: CEOs, founders, VPs and VCs, angel investors, etc. All the key people in businesses whose products you too are probably user of. Crucially, these are all in-depth interviews like on London Real, so this podcast will resonate well with people involved in tech startups, whether they’re employees, founders or investors.

Personally what made this podcast valuable to me were the discussions on raising capital, pitching your ideas and getting to the nitty gritty of what makes an idea actionable. Brian gets VCs to explain in depth how they assess which ideas will be profitable in the long run and what sort of entrepreneurship values one should portray to get funded.

To try out Silicon real, I recommend starting with this episode: Jeff Lynn – CEO & Co-Founder of Seedrs (iTunes)


podcast - tim ferrissThe Tim Ferriss Show

Created by a high achiever, for high achievers.

The people Tim brings onto the show are individuals he’s wowed by. So if you are an ambitious professional, you’ll be wowed too. Guests include top performers from a variety of industries: biohackers, scientists, philosophers, athletes, authors, actors and more. They’re the people who you might know for a headline achievement, but you’d never hear their whole journey to reach that achievement. There’s a tonne of golden nuggets of wisdom in each episode.

The best thing about Tim is that he truly enjoys producing this podcast. If you follow him on social media, you can contribute questions too as Tim often crowdsources fan questions for his guests too.

To check out the Tim Ferris Show, I recommend starting with this episode: 5 Morning Rituals That Help Me Win The Day (iTunes)


podcast - school of greatnessThe School Of Greatness

Lewis Howes is a messenger of positivity. His podcast, The School of Greatness, is chock-full of affirmations and positive vibes – exactly what you need to be happy and productive in your own journey to success.

As high achievers we tend to overlook small victories. There’s always another battle or another signpost to improve towards. Yet it’s those small victories which can, when enjoyed properly, help propel you fat beyond that next signpost. The hustle is fulfilling but it can drain you of energy quickly and you may forget why you do what you do. Sound familiar?

This podcast inspired me to enjoy the small things and to take life easy. I learned to slow down after hitting a milestone and to also think positively by not always focussing on the next problem I need to solve.

Lewis’ show also features people who have achieved great things, but the way they discuss their experiences with Lewis makes you stand back and tell yourself: ‘Wow, life is awesome’. If you’re looking for inspiration to become great at what you do, this show is it for you.

To try out The School of Greatness, I recommend listening to this episode first: Robert Greene – How to Master Anything and Achieve Greatness (iTunes)


podcast - spartan upSpartan Up

Prepare to ‘Spartan up’ with Joe De Sena and uncover what makes high performers great.

As a Spartan Group Exercise coach and a competitive obstacle race athlete, I was exposed to Joe De Sena’s persevering ways before this podcast. He’s the founder of Spartan Race, tough obstacle races which have helped me build unbreakable will and grit to persevere. However, you don’t need to be a fan of obstacle races or other extreme endurance events to enjoy this podcast. Spartan Up is for anyone wanting a quick glimpse into other entrepreneurs’ and high performers’ journeys. The takeaways are always around themes of persevering and in fact doubling down to overcome challenges.

Compared to other podcasts on this list, Spartan Up is a short one at only 20mins per episode. Additionally, the takeaways are straight-forward with no filler or extra detail, making it perfect for people with short auditory attention spans or a lack of time.

To check out Spartan Up, I recommend starting with this episode: Evan Dollard – The Only Way To Avoid Regret (iTunes)


podcast - startup schoolSeth Godin’s Startup School

This podcast is a limited series of 15 episodes recorded live at Seth’s workshop with 30 entrepreneurs, whom he teaches how to make their ideas actionable so they can start a successful company.

Seth Godin’s Startup School consists of in medias res snippets which avoid unnecessary filler. Being bitesize, the informatiojn is easier to consume and you just need to connect the dots between the snippets in order to make the information applicable. Finally, because it was recorded live, the grungy audio makes it feel more authentic.

This is one of the best podcasts for high achievers and entrepreneurs like yourself. It is tailored to address those everyday problems we face in our business ventures.

To check out Seth Godin’s Startup School, I recommend starting with this episode: Ep1 – Freelancer or Entrepreneur? (iTunes)


podcast - becoming superhumanThe Becoming Super Human Podcast

What is your definition of ‘super human’? Is it performing at extraordinary levels, with amazing speed and higher efficiency? Or maybe it’s being able to read and learn more quickly? Those last two are the skills Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have named as superpowers they’d like to posses.

The Becoming Super Human podcast is really similar to the Tim Ferriss Show – both give you a thorough look into the lives of entrepreneurs and high performers. What I like more than lessons featured in this podcast however, is its focus on a healthy diet. This is why I think it would be valuable to you too. The host, Jonathan Levi, even goes so far as to directly link mental performance with one’s diet.

Needless to say both newbies to self-improvement as well as advanced fanatics will find useful gems on this podcast.

To check out Becoming Super Human, I recommend starting with this episode: Which Learning Strategies Do & Don’t Work With Expert Dr. Daniel T. Willingham


podcast - joe rogan experienceThe Joe Rogan Experience

After the eight podcasts I’ve introduced so far, this one is a combo breaker of sorts. It’s not because Joe is an experienced show host and comedian (as well as being a high performer himself), but because of its longer-than-average episodes this podcast takes a more relaxed and casual approach to the guests’ life journeys.

Joe doesn’t just discuss the guests’ experiences however. They discuss current events, scientific theories, mysteries and a variety of other topics. And all of that for solid 3 hours each week. This might sound overwhelming, but I find this podcast good for the feel-good effect you might nee while performing tedious tasks like cleaning or while doing mobility work and foam rolling to prepare for my training.

This podcast has enough substance to keep you engaged and give value, but without frying your brains too much or overcomplicating discussion topics.

To check out The Joe Rogan Experience, I recommend starting with this episode: Jocko Willink


podcast - achieve your goals hal elrodAchieve Your Goals with Hal Elrold

Hal Elrod is best known for his book the Miracle Morning which teaches a morning practice full of rituals and affirmations to set you up for a successful and joyful day. Hal’s podcast is more varied in terms of topics and it can get technical while maintaining a casual tone no matter how serious the topic. For example, you can listen to Hal and his co-host talk self-publishing step by step and get plenty of laughs thanks to their quick wit.

No matter what your goals are, you can benefit from this podcast. Even if self-publishing might not interest you, there are lessons you can get out of it and apply to your own journey.

To check out Achieve Your Goals, I recommend starting with this episode: 5 Keys to Success From the Top 1% (An Interview with Christy Solar)


podcast - ted talksTEDTalks (audio)

TED talks in your pocket.

I am yet to meet a person who has never liked a TED talk. They’re a wealth of motivation-boosting, empowering insights and can often be an inspiration to try new things. I particularly enjoy the talks framed as debunking outdated ‘truths’ or talking medicinal discoveries.

The biggest advantage of TED talks over other auditory material is their established structure and clear flow. With punchy stories and anecdotes to drive an idea home in 15minutes or less, your mind won’t wander.

To get started with TED talks, I recommend listening to this episode first: How to Stay Clam When You Know You’ll Be Stressed – Daniel Levitin


With so many options to choose from (15mins to 3 hours), I hope you realise that podcasts don’t have to be a time sink. Even more so because you can listen to them at times you would otherwise waste, like commuting, driving or grocery shopping. Rather than waste your time day dreaming like other people, get value out of your time.

Personally I tend to listen to every episode that has some relevance to my goals, the future I’m creating for myself or anything that’s just good to know in general.


At just 10, this is a limited selection and there are many other podcasts I’d love to share with you. Are you interested? Subscribe to my monthly newsletter below and you’ll get the next update!

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