The love for running must be forged one run at a time.

More often than not, runs might come out as boring, especially those you have to run in a straight line… for miles. You probably know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes I can’t help, but keep trailblazing my own way — I call it the zigzag run.

There’s nothing special then it comes to zigzag running, apart from that it looks god damn awesome on Strava (it raises a few eyebrows every now and then), as well as is fun as hell. If you are reading this, the latter is what you are after too, right?

Here’s an example:


Above pictured mess that looks like child’s drawing makes up to approx. 4 miles. Meanwhile if run on a simple straight path it wouldn’t even reach .5 mile. 

So the basic premise to make any boring run into a zigzag run is to go off course on purpose. You basically throw a ball and see there it bounces off. Make it random, make it fun.

Better yet mapping your runs with constant changing environment will prepare your body mechanics for all terrain better than just running in a predefined line.

The perception is going to play tricks on you too — you will find these runs with ever changing paths much more shorter. In reality you will be doing much more mileage than perceived. Think of the race day trails that seem to piggy back on time relativity theory – the time just flies. So do the zigzag runs.

What seemed like a tough 45min tempo run now will become a pure pleasure: varied terrain, full of surprises and most importantly entertaining.

Simple, yet effective way to keep on running without complains.


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