Ever struggled getting over the walls in obstacle races fast and with no hassle? We are going to show you and discuss 2 specific ways to climb walls safely and swiftly, as well as how not to do it (watch till the very end). One of them – a more conventional for beginner crowd, the other – will suit far more advanced and experienced athletes.

Basic foundation for both is to gain momentum whilst running towards the wall, kick up in order to hook your hands on the edge and pull your body up. From there you are going to be able to shift your body weight sideways, whilst maintaining weight centre on exact edge using your arms as stability points. Lower your body slowly or fast depended on your confidence and height, which would be safe.

View the instructional video above and let us know your technique and tricks to getting over the walls swiftly, saving sometimes essential couple of seconds, which could result in taking place on a podium.


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