Welcome! Today I published a complete guide to help you start the keto diet, including steps to transition more easily and meal advice. Check it out on Amazon or read further for more info.


Almost a decade ago I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My health was deteriorating to the point where the usual afternoon drowsiness and that post-lunch sluggish feeling became dizziness, headaches and worse.

I was overweight too.

But it took me reaching this point to realise two things: 1) how fragile our bodies can be, and 2) that what I considered to be the average person’s diet wouldn’t give me the body I always wanted or a long life.

I had to make a change right then. And I did. I tried multiple diets, a variety of fitness regimes and read books until I found out exactly what I needed to target to get back on track, get fit and never return to this pre-diabetic state.

One of the keys to that was carbohydrate restriction. Now, the rate of restriction may vary, but the key is to restrict the macronutrient group (carbs) that makes people gain weight rapidly, and can increase the risk of metabolic and chronic diseases (like diabetes).

And here we are. I spent the last decade experimenting and coaching others to reproduce my results: absolute wellness + the beach body (or the body that person always wanted) + improved mental and physical performance every day.

You too can achieve all of these results with a cyclical ketogenic diet, also known as the keto diet. I’m here to help you.

Today I published a complete guide to help you start the keto diet on Amazon. To give you the gist of it… This diet can help you:

  1. Lose weight effortlessly without exercise
  2. Reduce cravings and hunger pangs throughout the day
  3. Feel full of energy, both physically and mentally
  4. Build lean mass by recomposing your body from fat to lean

In the book I explain why exercise alone can’t lead to weight loss sustainably. But tweaking your eating habits can.

Most importantly, I’ll walk you through the biological hows of the high-fat, low-carb diet so you can understand why it works. And crucially, feel a bit more motivated to restrict those carb-ladden comfort foods in the interest of your health.

In the end, who wouldn’t want an outcome like this, just within weeks of giving this plan a go?

Goodbye flab, hello muscle! I tried out a fat-adapted diet which has not only helped me reduce sugar cravings, completely relieve IBS symptoms within couple of days, but also increased my productivity and concentration day-to-day (less hunger means less time wasted thinking about food). I’m loving my upgraded lifestyle!”.

You can grab your Kindle copy today on the Amazon store and read on any device:keto-grab-copynowAlternatively, check out our free handbook for living on the ketogenic diet here.

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