When we really focus on training and do it seriously, it’s easy to overlook how much calories we burn. For example, I’m currently running almost every day and some days I train twice so I can also get my strength training in. With that and coaching, I can easily burn up to 4-5k calories daily. Although it’s not as massive as the amount of calories an Olympic swimmer like Michael Phelps would burn, it’s still at least double the amount an average man would burn.

However it’s the effect of this higher calorie burn on my performance that’s more disconcerting than the actual amount of calories burned. Since I’m not a fitness freak logging every food item on My Fitness Pal (not that there’s anything wrong in doing that if you’ve got time), I do tend to under-eat. There is just not enough time in the day to fit in all the foods I need to replenish my glycogen stores and supply the body with other nutrients. If I don’t achieve these goals, then inevitably I will crash the next day, after feeling fatigued and sleeping poorly.

Where I’m getting at is that sometimes the only way to fuel up while training seriously, is to reach for an energy drink. But you need to be smart when you’re choosing because most commercially available supplements are also full of chemicals that will only hurt you.

Whilst some people can consume energy gels, energy gummies, BCAA mixes, milkshakes and the like, others can’t stomach them. If you consume too much of them, you’ll quickly experience stomach distress and gas. That’s why I’d only use those for the really long and painful runs (think 2+ hours).

But what about the good stuff that is decent at giving extra calories, hydration and it also burns out cleanly without causing stomach distress?

Today on the menu we have one of those good potions: ISOGEL by High5. We’ve been happy with their natural energy gels so it was a no-brainer to also try this sports-gel-meets-energy-drink combo that is Isogel. It’s perfect for races as well as longer training sessions.

Here’s my on it after a few weekends experimenting with it out on the trails:


Myself during a mid-length run with a much needed refreshment. Don’t mind the squinty face – that’s my happy face.


  • Contains natural, real juice – no artificial sweeteners, no gluten and no caffeine.
  • Contains more water to help hydration thus perfect for longer races and distance running.
  • Easy to consume and digest, especially when any food or thick gels might feel heavy on your battered stomach and body. It slides down your throat just like a sports drink.



  • Unlike High5’s gels which are thicker consistency, the Isogel gave me very sticky fingers. When ripped the juice can easily overflew and spill out because it is more watery than just a normal gel. So you need to be careful with it.


Apart from this technical complaint however, the Isogel is a good choice for all the busy folk, who just run out of time to properly fuel and replenish their glycogen stores.


*Although this product was given to us for free as a PR sample, our review is 100% honest and not sponsored. In the context of obstacle course racing, we tested this product out thoroughly with different gear and in both training as well as racing conditions. As ever, we’re dedicated to bringing you only the best news and advice to help you become a champion in your next OCR–so stay tuned and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any feedback or questions.

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