Today on the show we have c​oach Lucian Acaru. Lucian has helped transform ​many lives with​ his rather​ unconventional approach to diet and lifestyle. ​In our sugar-driven world, his​ Eat Fat, Get Lean​ approach​ is a combo breaker​​.

In the past few years Lucian’s clients have lost hundreds of pounds,​​ transforming their bodies from overweight​ and ​sometimes obese to fit and healthy. Some of them even put the​ir​ type 2 diabetes into remission (a state in which all signs and symptoms of diabetes disappear).​ All by restricting their carbohydrate intake. ​

In this podcast episode ​you will find out ​​​if the ‘eat fat to get lean’ approach is right for you and ​​how to get the most benefit out of it.

​We cover:

  • Why 50% of material on nutrition t​aught in sports science, medicine and nutrition schools is total BS.​
  • ​What insulin resistance ​is ​and how ​it​ ​affects​ our bodies​ via sugar (carbohydrates)​
  • How Lucian helped his clients lose hundreds of pounds ​of fat ​and ​helped them put ​their ​type 2 diabetes into remission
  • Prevention of chronic diseases associated with obesity and insulin resistance. All ​using a balanced nutrient​-​rich diet and natural movement​.​
  • ​Lucian’s ​own nutrition plan and ​habits.​
  • ​Using fat as primary fuel and ​why ​our brains love ketones​, the by-product of fuelling on fat
  • Whether you really need to re-feed carbohydrates when you’re restricting your carb intake​
  • Why calories don’t really matter, and what ​matters insteadand much more.


This is the​ very first episode ​of the ​High Achiever Diet Podcast. Hope you enjoy it.​ Feel free to get in touch with any questions via our Twitter handle @hiachieverdiet​​

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