Boy did I struggle with this back in the day. When you’re working for that perfect beach body, with lean definition that turns people’s heads, there’s always that one thing that’s so hard to attain: abs. Of course, we all have abs, but only a fraction of people (both male and female) are able to show them off. Which one are you?

This week on the High Achiever podcast, I brought on a guest to help you out. Sam Hooti is a serial entrepreneur and coach at Abs On Fire. He also has washboard abs all year round.

In today’s episode he shares his best advice on how to get your abs to show and how to maintain them. Check it out!

Download, stream, listen to the episode here:


Show notes

Ben Greenfield’s article on calorie restriction Sam refers to.

Sam’s top exercises to getting your abs to show:

  • Hollow rocks
  • Toes to Bar
  • Burpees
  • Mount climbers
  • Knee Slides

Sam likes to do a Tabata Set (find out how) of the above or 9 mins burst – 1 min each.

He was also kind to produce a special video showing these exercises:

Some of the nutrition tweaks he mentions

  • Avoid: high carbohydrate food, sugar, grains.
  • Don’t fear: dietary fat rich food, e.g. cream, avocados.
  • Items that always find their place to Sam’s plate: avocados, coffee, tea, eggs.
  • Don’t restrict/count calories, just get the basic nutrition right and stay consistent (no cheat meals).


Hope you enjoy it.​ Feel free to get in touch with any questions via our Twitter handle @hiachieverdiet​​

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