Sugar Cravings… Those pesky work interruptions that some of us experience daily. Why do they occur and can we prevent them?

Indeed we can. In today’s 10-minute solocast I explain some of the main sources of sugar cravings.

These include:

  • Gut biome and microbiota. I explain how good and bad bacteria control your mind and behaviour via the Gut-Brain Axis. You’ll also find out what causes the overgrowth of the bad bacteria, which hurts our cognitive and physical abilities.
  • Sugar and dopamine response, which makes sugar a rewarding, drug-like substance. It’s also what gets us addicted to sugar.
  • Nutrient deficiencies and possible urges to substitute minerals and vitamins.
  • Bad habits that lead to us always feeling hungry. Have you struggled to resist a sweet snack after lunch? Or needed some chocolate to feel like you had enough to eat?
  • How being overweight increases cravings even more.


Crucially, I share 4 fixes you can put in place today to address the causes of your sugar cravings. Do you want to end your cravings once and for all? Then check out this episode.

For more help, join our FREE 5-day email course to manage and overcome sugar cravings. First, you’ll tackle cravings from a physiological standpoint (e.g. by helping your gut heal). Then you’ll learn how to challenge the emotional and mental causes of these cravings.

The course together with this audio podcast form a powerful combo. Having both will help you connect the dots and overcome cravings quicker.

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