An increasing number of sports outfit brands seem to be introducing gear intended specifically for obstacle racing. Thus our mission to find the perfect pair of OCR shoes continues and this time we picked up the widely known (at least by the Spartan racing community) – All Terrains by Reebok. The model we picked up is the Reebok All Terrain Super in a red and black Spartan race-branded surface. From the first sight, this shoe looks well crafted.

Before we delve deeper into performance, let’s have a quick look at our ratings for this shoe. Is it fit for obstacle racing?

shoe rating table key


Water drainage –  star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active

Stability and support – star_activestar_activestar_activestar_inactivestar_inactive

Grip – star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active

Fit for OCR – star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active 


It seems this shoe has everything one might need to overcome obstacles in a race, including draining out the unwanted water. As with our Wild Extreme Blaze review, we’ll elaborate on these ratings by looking at the specific pros and cons of this shoe:


  • Water drainage ports, single breathable mesh, shoe tongue with holes to increase overall water drainage
  • Super lightweight (if you recall the Reebok’s Real Flex, this shoe is almost its twin adapted for obstacle racing)
  • Square indented lugs provide 360 degree traction while the toe pick helps give you leverage on slippery surfaces
  • Duragrip upper helps provide durability in key wear areas
  • Underfoot rock guard helps protect against sharp/hard objects
  • Mid-foot teeth help provide traction and protection on ropes and walls
  • Well-crafted product design which you can also customise visually



  • Due to a lack of support, might not be the best option for long distance races
  • Fits narrow feet best. If your feet are wide, this shoe might not be a good fit for you.
  • Reportedly, holes in the tongue of the shoe can let through some of the small rocks which make running uncomfortable
  • Mud might ‘cake in’ through gaps between the shoe and foot found near the ankle


As you can see from information above this shoe is one of the better picks for obstacle racing, however, depending on your needs, some of the cons might outweigh the results. Reebok designed both a Spring and a Super version in the All Terrain series, which is intended to match the race distance the shoe is suitable for. What about the Beast however, which requires a lot of support to conquer all those miles? Perhaps this is something we could expect from a future generation of the All Terrains.

If, like us,  you are obsessed with optimising your performance and banking on even the minuscule improvements to your gear, then go grab it. The All Terrain Super is a beautifully forged shoe for shorter obstacle courses with more pros than cons. It’s a fantastic piece of gear when it comes to breathability and water drainage.


Watch our video review for more insights and test footage from the trenches:


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