saucony pelegrino ocr shoe review

My first obstacle race promised a lot of mud and water so I knew I would need a great shoe. Being new to the OCR world, I didn’t want to invest too much money and, unlike V’s All Terrains, I wanted a cushioned shoe with plenty of arch support. However, I also needed good drainage and grip, which my trusty Asics couldn’t deliver. After much research, I finally came across the Saucony Peregrine 4 – a colourful and sturdy pair of OCR shoes that helped made my first race a fantastic experience!

                                                                                     shoe rating table key

Water drainage –  star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active

Stability and support – star_activestar_activestar_activestar_inactivestar_inactive

Grip – star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active

Fit for OCR – star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active 


Running through swamps was no problem at all as these shoes drained super quickly. The actual drains are tiny holes in two layers of cloth so there’s no chance of any small rocks or sand creeping into the shoe. As a result, they never felt uncomfortable, however there were a few times during off-road, hilly running where I had to be extra careful with my landings so I don’t twist my ankle.

The first obstacle of the race was diving into water and it was followed by running over mud and hay so my shoe formed a mudcake pretty early on. As a fearful newcomer, I was already careful on most obstacles so this didn’t hinder my performance too much but be wary of this shoe if you are looking for that advantage.

Overall, the Saucony Peregrine 4 is a great pair of affordable shoes for woodsy and muddy races. They feel good on the feet, although they are edging towards running small so be careful if ordering online. Obviously, they also look awesome, if you’re into colour, and I’m happy to report that they also wash well so no worries there.


Saucony pelegrino shoe review gripPros

  • – Drain super quickly  and don’t let in any sand or rocks
  • – Feel light in spite of being cushioned
  • – Good arch support
  • – Colourful design which I love



  • – The teeth on the bottom of the shoe form a mudcake very easily
  • – The shoe is quite tight inside so might not fit wide feet
  • – They also seem to almost run small so it’s a gamble of whether you get your real size or go up half a size
  • – Feel slippery on asphalt so not the best fit for races that involve roads as well as mud


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