Meet Zoe Szczepanek (@zoeszcz), a California-based OCR athlete. Although Zoe now runs races competitively (and kicks ass doing so), she wasn’t the ‘fitness type’ at the time of her first race. How did OCR change that? Tune into this episode to find out:

  • How Zoe trained for her first race (04:30)
  • Zoe’s leg day routine that simulates the race experience (06:25)
  • Her favourite race moment from the recent World Championships (10:10)
  • Zoe’s race aftertips (12:40)
  • How she’s dealing with not being able to race because of a hip injury (17:00)

Links to episode:

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Or listen here:


I hope you enjoy hearing from Zoe as much as I did! Please leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher, and don’t hesitate to send any questions to hello@grit.camp!

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