This week started with the following rant:

running importance in ocr sport

Fact is, if you want to be outstanding at the sport based primarily on running and endurance, you simply need to excel in that sort of movement. Make sense right?

There are multiple ways to include running into your routine, however just toping existing strenght training with bits of running is simply not good enough to make you a competitive athlete. Running has to come first and the workout schedule should circle around it.

There are variety of ways to get faster and better runner. A go to type of routine would consists of speed work, but there is something as powerful you’ve might have missed out – tempo runs.

Why is it essential for your running regime?

Primarily because you will be forcing your body to improve the lactate threshold pace. Having your body to perform at a higher intensity (on the edge of lactate threshold) and for an extended amount of time you will develop toughness. Moreover it will prepare you to face high intensity obstacle races.


The basic protocol for a tempo run goes like this:

  • Start with just 15-20 minutes (or more if you are advanced athlete) of running slightly above your lactate threshold level (comfortably hard). For those who are using heart rate monitors that’s around 85-90% of your max.


It will be challenging, yet short enough to feel comfortable… I personally love tempo runs:

Add this to your running routine 1x a week, and you will get faster in no time.

Don’t forget to fully warm up for at least 10 minutes building up to the heart rate required for the tempo run and after completing it allowing a 10minute window for cooling down.


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