This week’s OCR WOD highlight: Animal moves.

Not just a simple few rounds of (your favourite?) bear crawls, but a full-on gritty workout. This is what will get you to build out an unbreakable core. You see, anyone can do 20m of crawling while holding a plank, but what about doing the length of multiple football/soccer pitches?

There are couple of main parts to this workout:

  • First, a fun run for 25-30mins at 70-75% HRM. This will get you warmed up and keep the blood flowing.
  • Second, natural movement across the football/soccer field for fun.


The second part can be then split into the following steps:

  • Find a pitch of about 100yard. Football/soccer fields tend to be the best choice. Mainly because they are well maintained and there is less risk of your hand sliding into well-hidden dog crap.
  • 5 x 100y Bear crawls
  • 5 x 100y Ape skips
  • 5 x 100y Crab walks


Note that you will need to focus on maintaining perfect form throughout each movement movement. If you feel like your form is dropping and your body starts to collapse – stop and get a moment of rest. Remember this is not a race. And form is king when it comes to forging unbreakable bodies.

On average this workout takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. The last bits will be the hardest, so you’ll need to dig deep in order to persevere and finish the workout.

Tip: You can mix bear, ape and crab movements to be done consecutively. I like to lap the 100y pitch back and forth doing bear crawls, then ape skips and crab walks on repeat.


If you are not sure how to do any these moves, we posted a step-by-step tutorial here.


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