As with previous week wod – this week we will focus on upgrading and empowering weaker links. When it comes to running we have way too many of them, thus plyometrics and dynamic footwork will be the go-to movement to address it.

How about adding some fun to the mix? That’s why I decided to spice it up with burpees. I have a confession to make on this part: by the 25th rep my grit and perseverance are always being put to the biggest test… – Not even hardest race conditions can do this. This is why I love this wod so much – it literally makes my body and mind unbreakable.


This workout consists of 3 main parts + additional foot/leg work of your choice:

Part 1: Lateral Footwork

5 x 20 steps (beginners), 5 x 30 steps (advanced athletes). Get a comfortable height bench and focus on landing with your midfoot/forefoot – this will result in a quick and low impact skips.

Plyometric footwork lateral steps

Part2: Main Plyo Jumps with Burpees

5 x 10 jumps/burpees (beginners), 5 x 25 jumps/burpees (advanced athletes). Find a comfortable height plyo-box or stack one just like in my example below. Focus on form rather than speed.

Part 3: Lateral Distance Jumps

5 x 10 jumps (beginners), 5 x 15 jumps (advanced athletes). Measure a comfortable distance for skipping. I used a yoga mat for this, which is around 80cm in length. As in previous steps form and control is a key. Focus on bringing your feet together and hitting the ground with midfoot/forefoot. If you feel like your form goes off – slow down to comfortable pace.

Plyometric side to side jumps


+ Add Additional work.


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