1 Mile of lunges?

You read that right.

This workout has been coined multiple times by elite athletes as a go to exercise to strengthen legs, core and glutes. Most importantly this workout will get you comfortable being uncomfortable.

The basic protocol goes as follows:

  • For BEGINNERS: 100 bodyweight lunges.
  • For ADVANCED athletes: 200 weighted lunges. Grab a sandbag, kettlebell, steelbell etc.
  • For the INSANE: 1 mile of bodyweight lunges for time. 


Obstacle racing legend Hobie Call has a world record of finishing a bodyweight lunge mile in less than 25mins:

As for the demo I chose to do the Advanced WOD with a sandbag:

This always leaves me walking like a cowboy for the next few days. However in combination with some active recovery and light run you can recover almost immediately. Done right this will allow you to develop a pair of power legs, ready to run miles and dominate obstacles.

P.S. Bonus points for lunging uphill.



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