This week’s wod is a bit different. It’s more of a test…

Every few months I like to take a SEALFIT academy screening test. The test we previously introduced here, which was coined by Mark Divine the SEALFIT commander.

The basic protocol goes as follows:

This is a bit different from much harder PST to qualify for BUD/S:

  • 500 yard swim – 10 minute rest
  • Maximum push-ups in 2 minutes – 2 minute rest
  • Maximum sit-ups in 2 minutes – 2 minute rest
  • Maximum pull-ups in 2 minutes – 10 minute rest
  • 1.5 mile run – done in shorts and running shoes


In both you have specific times you need to meet in order to progress forward. However as obstacle racing athlete all you need to do it mark your time, then redo the screening test again after few months. This is a superb way to evaluate your mental and physical progress.

If you are SEALFIT and can beat own time overtime – you are OCR fit too. Give it a try.


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