This week’s OCR workout of the day highlight is all about grip training.

Prepare for the intense burn in your forearms, fingers, wrists etc. This will target them all and by the end of of just 5 sets you will feel like mighty Popeye.

This mini workout goes well just after easy runs or in combination with pulling movements, such as: pullups, monkey bar action etc. – you get the drill.

Without further ado, basic protocol to work on your grip goes as follows.

5x of:

  • Pt1: Farmer carries – aiming for at least a minute of non stop movement, while carrying max weight you can. This can be dumbells, kettlebells, jerry cans etc.
  • Pt2: Dead hangs. Right after the carries jump on the bar and hang still for at least 30 seconds. Trust me, this will challenge even the ninjas of OCR athletes. If it’s too easy – do a minute.


That’s it…

Here’s a quick demo:

For a reference: I’m sporting 2 x 28kg dumbells and walking approx. 20 metres.

Add this to your routine to dominate the monkey bars and other grip testing obstacles.


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