Time Trials.

Love the or hate them, those are the sessions that will give you a nudge for improving or give something more to aim to.

This week’s tim trial workout was aimed to push the regular 5k towards bigger distance – 7k. This is an intermediate distance bridged between super fast paced 5Ks and a bit slower 10Ks… It is just too awkward to find a medium fast pace which is sustainable to avoid bonking.

I did found it, and the time trial results looked like this:

time trials - 7k on strava

  • Average heart rate: 174bpm
  • Max heart rate: 183bpm


Some underlying principles, which I didn’t follow due to urban environment, to make your time trials as accurate as possible are:

  • Finding an even ground, preferably a track.
  • Getting at least a mile of proper warmup. This involves heating up the muscles, gradually elevating heart rate close to time trial pace, as well as strides and technical movements and mobility.
  • Continuous hustle and stamina test.


The biggest challenge is still to find a correct pace you can sustain without hitting a wall.

In your training you should focus to test distances based on racing distance. For example it wouldn’t make sense to test 5K hustle capacity training to compete for Spartan Beast, or half marathon test trying to become a 5K dash star.

So what’s your time trial going to be?


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