After back to back weekend of racing I found out that I qualified for OCR world championship. I never really paid too much attention about qualifying before, however this was fresh news. I took it as a feedback that the training and time spent on personal obstacle racing journey is finally paying off:

It is however way too late to join others in the world championships: simply no slots for the age group heat available, also just a month left until the event.

Therefore I decided to spend the next few weeks preparing for what is easier to reach – Spartan Beast in Windsor, UK. My previous training was focusing solely on improving stamina and speed in shorter races. However, having 4 weeks at hand is plenty to get used to slightly bigger volumes.

What this means is bigger distance and more time spent running with some cross training in between to allow my body to recover quicker. Cross training is by far the easiest way to stay active while your body mechanics heal and recover after 10 mile daily runs.

This week’s specific workout highlight is my favourite cross training mix:

  • 30mins of cycling
  • 15mins of rowing
  • All done @ 75% of HRM/85% of LTHR. For me that’s around 145 beats a minute.

All done indoors with plenty of pseudo-yoga aka amateur style stretching the tight spots. Any runner who has not experienced cross training before will find that cycling might tighten and lock the hip flexors. Therefore stretching those bad boys out after a session of cycling might be a good idea.

To make this fun: Mix cycling with rowing. 10mins cycling, 5mins rowing etc. till you collect 45mins.

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