The Women of OCR Podcast

Welcome you badass!

This page is the home of ‘The Women of OCR’ podcast, where we get a pump sharing our battle experiences, war scars and OCR training advice.

This podcast is for you if:

  • You’re gathering courage to commit to your first race;
  • You’ve got a few races under your belt and want to continue improving;
  • You’re a seasoned warrior with an eye on elite heats.

Crucially, you don’t actually *have* to be a woman to enjoy this podcast series. Most topics we’ll discuss will be relevant to *any* OCR enthusiast, regardless of their gender. However, they will be discussed with women only.

Over 10 episodes we’ll meet kickass women dedicated to the sport of OCR. Their snaps, Instagram captions, and achievements out on the field inspire me to push myself. I hope they’ll inspire you too! Beyond just inspiration, I hope you’ll find their stories and advice useful.

Starting 31st August, there will be a new episode out every two weeks. Please subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

Got any questions you’d like to ask our guests? Let us know via email to or using this contact form.

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List of episodes

Ep2: You have to run your own race [Alyssa Hawley]
Ep1: Zoe Szczepanek on getting started with OCR
Ep0: Why Women, Why OCR


This podcast is brought to you by Grit Camp, the online guide to obstacle course racing. Created by OCR enthusiasts V and myself (Helena).