Micro-saving high performers are the worst…

My plate often gets me attention from coworkers at the office as well from my lifestyle coaching clients. To be honest, my meals aren’t anything special, and typically they might look something like this:

Yet when I throw this together at work, I usually get raised eyebrows and questions along the lines of:

“Isn’t this expensive?”
“Not sure I could afford eating like this everyday…”
“I have no time to put something like this together…”
“You must spend a fortune eating like this…”

I don’t know who becomes more frustrated by this – me or them. So I’ll ask them,

“Well how much did you spend on your lunch today?”

On average people in the UK will spend about a fiver on their lunch – this is £5 or $7.20 for one ready made meal, e.g. a sandwich.

And how much do I spend compared to that? Right around £7 (or $10) per single meal. This includes the price of separate ingredients, e.g. smoked salmon, spinach, olives, goat’s cheese and so on. Because I can choose each ingredient based on my needs and preferences, my meal will be way healthier than any ready-made meal I could buy. Moreover ingredients like these last for at least couple of days, so I can use them for multiple meals too.

The main point I want to point out is that the difference between my fat-burning meal and my coworkers’ ready-made lunch is just £2 – that’s less than $3 extra per day.

Per London (UK) prices, those extra £2 are the typical cost of:

  • A latte, which is sure to make you fat
  • A snack bar or two, often filled with unnecessary sugar
  • A bus or tube ride home, that you could also replace by walking, cycling or running home instead (#lifehack).
  • A bottle/can of beer or soda, which you shouldn’t be having anyways

So now I ask you…

Is £2 / $3 extra per day not worth the body you’ve always wanted?

Spending just that much extra can mean the difference between where you are now and the weight loss, improved performance (both cognitive and physical) and general sense of well-being that you desire.

If a person can’t fathom spending extra on their food where it matters, yet they’re happy to splash out on a new iPhone or clothes, then their life’s priorities are simply skewed. What’s more important? Your body which needs to sustain you for a few more decades or some bling you’re going to put on it which will wear off in a year?

Any ambitious person who wants to perform their best and achieve more in life has to have their priorities straight. A small tweak like preparing your own meals at work is the sort of ‘investment’ that can lead you to a better and richer reality. In fact, those £2 invested towards better meals should be budgeted for under other essential expenses like rent and utilities.

I know some self-proclaimed personal finance experts will disagree with me, on the basis of my “better food” argument being too vague. It’s all intangible results, right? Or is it? Most of these “experts” are:
A. In a terrible shape,
B. Not in the position to teach others about sustainable saving plans and rich life,
C. Are constantly whining and struggling to feel happy or healthy in their own life. They believe that an extra dime will revolutionise everything. Fact is, if you are not happy with what you have at the moment, extra £2/day won’t change that either.


The £2 / $3 extra a day isn’t much in the grand scheme of things…

I’d pay even more than that in return for knowing that what I eat won’t give me brain fog, degrade my concentration or make me struggle through sugar cravings a few hours later. I don’t have to deal with any of that. And there’s more: I also stay lean year-round with either a 4-pack (off-season) or a 6-pack (when I want it), without putting in extra effort. All of these perks are undoubtedly the result of not giving a sh**t about saving pennies on quality food and on your health.

TL;DR: If you want to live your best, have a body you’ve always wanted… you need to stop micro-saving on your health.


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