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Strava is a different kind of a social network. It’s where you’ll find runners, cyclists and endurance athletes under one roof. Both the pros and the amateurs. For amateurs Strava is especially interesting, because you can use it to not only track your workouts and share them with others, but you can also compare your performance (in detail) to top athletes and push yourself harder by opting in for monthly challenges. The biggest benefit of using Strava is the boost it gives to your motivation regularly.

It’s so useful to connect with other athletes and learn from their training approaches. While there’s only a handful of pro obstacle course racing athletes on Strava, a lot can be gleaned from their profiles. Some train 3x a day, some do prolonged runs twice a day, and others tend to focus more on cross training. Seeing these activities in your feed is not just motivational, but a useful resource to expand and improve your own training regime.

Would you want to know how the Spartan and OCR World Champion Jonathan Albon trains?

It’s time to get inspired and learn by following the best:

Jonathan Albon

jonathan albon strava

Ryan Atkins (follow by request)

Ryan atkins strava

Hunter McIntyre

hunter mcintyre strava

Alyssa Hawley

Alyssa Hawley Strava

Check out our interview with Alyssa here.

Matt Murphy

matt murphy strava

Adam Cracknell (follow by request)

adam cracknell strava

James Appleton

james appleton strava

Timothy Shieff

timothy shieff strava

Chad Trammell

chad trammell strava

Robert Killian (follow by request)

robert killian strava

Michelle Ford

michelle ford strava

Ben O’Rourke

ben orourke strava

Check out our interviews with Ben here: 1, 2.

Ryan Woods

ryan woods strava

Raymond Mendoza

raymond mendoza strava

Mathieu Claustre

mathieu claustre strava

Check out our interview with Mathieu here.

Adam Kwitko

adam kwitko strava

Check out our interview with Adam here.

Kirk Maclean

kirk maclean strava



You may ask why so few ladies? After researching this it just seems to be fairly uncommon for the highly-performing women of OCR to use Strava. If I’ve missed off any athletes (of any gender) please do let me know via email to We’ll make sure to add them to this list.

Meanwhile, you can also connect with Helena and myself over on Strava.

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