No time to mess around… This week we have a WOD/Challenge inspired by SEALFIT commander Mark Divine’s protocol to forge mental strength as well as build unbreakable core.

Now all you have to do is 21 minutes of holding the plank position. 


Tip 1: You can do this on your elbows, on the side or switching in between – be creative. The more variety you include – the easier it will be for your mind to cope with this gruesome challenge.

Tip 2: Take your time. Split the 21 minute into smaller chunks. Even if it takes you whole day to finish this – it’s ok!

Tip 3: Think that this is not that bad… Here’s a reference video from SEALFIT academy where Mark Divine expects folk to plank for at least 45minutes with no breaks:

You see, it’s not THAT bad.

As for the planking benefits: this is a basic position with your core engaged to the max, just like you would have it during your runs and races. By core I don’t mean just your abs, core is everything in your body but the limbs.

Remember: The stronger your core is – the stronger and durable athlete you will become.

Time to hustle!

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