Our guest today is Sam Hooti: coach, serial entrepreneur, athlete and a high performer. You might have listened to our previous chat about acquiring the beach body physiques. Today Sam was kind enough to answer a few questions on the code he follows; the key principles to keep his body fat low, maintain the six pack and perform his best:

The principles Sam shares are as follow:

1. Eat healthy food, but always in moderation
2. Eat more healthy fat (think: avocados, coconut oil, MCTs etc.)
3. Sleep more, and optimise your sleep
4. Doesn’t matter how good you feel, you can always feel better
5. Reduce carbohydrate intake
6. Monitor what you eat and improve based on how your body/mind responds to certain foods
7. Lastly, focus on what works and ignore everything else

These among a few others, are what I consider to be the pillar habits. In other words key steps to complete lifestyle optimisation for long and healthy living.


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