In this episode of GRIT CAMP we are going to cover how to prepare for those killer stairs in the stadium races using some of additional and sometimes necessary weight equipment. Let’s say you are an athlete who has hit a plateau in training or just a new beginner racer who wants to feel like flying after they are done with strenuous workout and are hitting those stairs in a real race. If any of the two is you, then this is a really good, but heavy way to improve it.

You probably all heard of using a weighted vest, but what about an easy and free/super flexible way to add some extra pounds (only temporary) to add some resistance? We will show you how to combine few everyday life items into a makeshift weighted and adjustable item you can use instead of a sometimes expensive weighted vest.

We also cover some of the things to be aware and cautious of, such as knee strain, because adding those extra pounds and hitting the stairs might result in a serious knee injury, thus be careful and listen to your body.


You can find a selection of weighted vests on Amazon, the specific one featured in this video is a 10kg/22pounds.


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