I never planned to share any of the high achiever diet recipes on this blog. I simply assumed that people will look it up, and the guidelines are so simple that process of cooking becomes pure joy.

But yet, recently quite a few people have been asking to post a guide on how to make a low carb, crap free, keto (and waistline) friendly pizza. If you’re a seasoned keto warrior you probably have seen a variation of this recipe.

It takes just a handful of ingredients and anyone can make it:

Some of my clients and friends asked the following questions. So I believe it is good to address it if you’re sceptical too:

Does it taste as good as normal pizza?

It tastes better. You know why? Primarily because it’s guilt-free, carb free and filling.

What is psyllium husks?

One of the main ingredients in the pizza base, that acts as a binder (think gluten in wheat based pizza). Psyllium husks is well known and used in the fitness and health communities as it’s all fibre.

How long does it take to make?

15-20mins. Depending on your cooking skills.


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