Hand up if you’ve ever forgotten to bring a trash bag with you to a race. Yes, it’s one of the essentials and yes I’ve definitely been that person buying 5p grocery bags at the train station on the way to the race.

I’ve also been that person having to do double-wash duty because my muddy gear didn’t quite stay contained within the trash bag… As much as obstacle races make you feel like a kid again, coming home to the sad reality of your wet and dirty gear needing a wash grounds me again in adulthood. Boo.

Luckily it turns out us adults can have cool things too and I’m excited to share one such thing with you today. It’s made my OCR cleanup (on-site as well as at home after the race) SO MUCH easier.

Introducing the DobiPak

This little guy (the DobiPak) turns your regular bag into an OCR friendly bag. No black magic, I swear. Just good ol’ waterproof inner (and outer) lining that also wipes or washes clean.

After the race you can just chuck all your wet gear in — the bag fits 2 people’s gear just right, shoes and all — then either stuff the DobiPak into your regular bag or carry it alongside.


3 easy steps to handling muddy gear


DobiPak closes by folding the top down a few times (like a cyclist’s backpack) but over 3 OCRs, we didn’t have any problems with leakage. Once you fold it the top down, there’s a clip that fastens to secure the closure. This clip also gives you something to grab if you do want to just carry the DobiPak on its own.

This is a thick bag with double waterproof lining. On the first touch, you can tell the bag feels durable and sturdy.


When you get home, you just turn it inside out and wash it off or wipe it clean. If only my gear could be this easy to clean! (Anyone else have to scrub the soles of their OCR shoes with a nail brush?)


Yes we’ve only used the DobiPak for 3 OCRs so far, but it’s become a staple. It’s come in handy for our trail runs this off-season (not a fan of getting on public transport with muddy shoes), and you can use it for basically any water sports.


Overall the DobiPak feels sturdy, durable and incredibly easy-care. It’s similar to the KitBrix OCR bags (and made by the same people) but at £15 ($20) a pop it’s a cheaper alternative. You don’t have to buy a whole new bag for OCR, but you also no longer have the fuss over unreliable trash bags. *throws up the middle finger* Feel me?

You can check this bad boy out properly over on the KitBrix website.


Although this products were given to us for free by their manufacturer, our review is 100% honest and not sponsored. In the context of obstacle course racing, we tested this product out thoroughly with different gear and in both training as well as racing conditions. As ever, we’re dedicated to bringing you only the best news and advice to help you become a champion in your next OCR–so stay tuned and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any feedback or questions.

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