obstacle training bible james villepigue

Recently was looking for some new reads to get some inspiration and maybe possible racing tricks/improve general training performance. This book by James Villepigue, the best selling fitness and bodybuilding books author,  grabbed my attention mainly because it had a flashy cover with a few pictures covering different obstacles, as well as name with an addition ‘bible’, which in itself implies that this is a primer for obstacle race training. This book is exactly that.


Main takeaways:

  • – OCR history and general concepts of obstacle races
  • – Majority of famous obstacle races (Spartan Race, GORUCK, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash etc.) listed, rated by difficulty and muddiness and commented from 1st person experience point of view
  • – List of obstacles with photos and explanations which exercises and body parts one should be training to be ready to accomplish them
  • – Specific exercises with photos and easy to grasp explanations and workout plans for beginners, intermediates and pro athletes.


And much more… These are also covered in a very friendly and straight forward tone of voice. You will find multiple quotes by OCR champions, such as Hobie Call, containing specific tips and tricks, workouts, etc. After reading his rock throwing over the head, running and carrying – on repeat and insane amounts of lunges protocol, I could not help but incorporate it in my workout. Such simple movements can strengthen you body heaps.

This book contains truly useful material with no significant senseless content ‘filler’, which can usually be found in fitness material specific to a certain sports. It is definitely a good addition to anyone aspiring to this sport, because as any sort of bible it is a primer and a good-to-fallback whenever any questions regarding obstacle racing training basics may arise. Furthermore it’s a good pick as a gift to anyone thinking of pursuing this type of racing challenge, which will motivate, captivate and encourage them to proceed.


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