reebok wild extreme blae shoe review for obstacle races

At GRIT CAMP we look for the best gear to tackle every single aspect of racing. Your shoe choice can make a massive difference in the trenches whilst training. Here, decision-making factors include: the shoe’s ability to adapt to different weather conditions, its grip on man-made structures and hills, as well as general support and physical mechanics of the product.

Our very first shoe to be reviewed is one of the famous trail running shoes designed by Reebok: the Wild Extreme Blaze. Please note that we are not affiliated with the brand in any way. What you’ll get here is honest and straight-to-the-point feedback.

Without going too far off the subject, let’s have a quick look at this shoe’s ratings and its fit for obstacle racing:

shoe rating table key


Water drainage –  star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active

Stability and support – star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active

Grip – star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active

Fit for OCR – star_activestar_activestar_activestar_activestar_active 


As you can see this shoe is the perfect buddy for those long trail runs and general all-terrain adventure time. It’s lightweight but it has amazing support for extended usage. Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons however as this shoe won’t be the best choice for all.



  • Low-cut for mobility with mid-foot rubber wraps for added stability
  • Full length IMEVA midsole for responsive underfoot cushioning
  • A spiky mid-foot/side plate for increasing stability on rope climbs
  • Full length CRTek rubber outsole for high abrasion protection
  • Active traction outsole for aggressive grip through inclines
  • An extended heel for adding support and grip through declines
  • Seamless support, durable toe cap and all-over trail materials for off-road weather resistance



  • Poor water drainage. Because of heavy cushioning and heavily laminated surface they would keep all the water in and slow you down.
  • Hard plastic bottom works perfectly for increasing friction whilst running on trails, however it is slippery on wet concrete.
  • Compared to the sharper and darker photos on the Reebok website, the shoe looks a bit washed out and grey in real life.

Without a doubt, this shoe is one of the best trail running shoes on the market. With its ultra secure and protective base, it is well suited for harsher terrain and colder climates. So, if you need a rugged off-road shoe – look no further. However, for obstacle racing, this shoe is not our top pick.

Watch our video review for more insights and test footage from the trenches:


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