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In the past few weeks we’ve got several request to add some sandbag workouts. It’s clearly not a secret that training with a sandbag is one of the easiest all-inclusive ways to build strength and durability. The elites do it, so why wouldn’t you?

That’s why I decided to list one of my favourite sandbag workouts. The key elements and pyramid format of completing this session inspired by Mandown USA sandbag wods (they list some terrific examples). Putting to the basics, you will expose your body to 10, 20, 30, 20, 10 of repetitions for each of the movements, in that order.

Note that this is a full body workout you can complete in about 20-30 minutes — at home, outdoors or in the gym.


The basic protocol goes like this:

  • 10 reps (ABCD),
  • 1 min rest,
  • 20 reps (ABCD),
  • 1 min rest,
  • 30 reps (ABCD),
  • 1 min rest,
  • 20 reps (ABCD),
  • 1 min rest
  • 10 reps (ABCD)


Movements (e.g. 10 reps of each in a row with no rest until all are done):

  • A. Hang-squat-cleans 
  • B. Pushups
  • C. Lunges
  • D. Shoulder-squat presses


Here is a little demo of how to do it:

Get a sandbag and make it count!



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