We just had a blast in Italy doing Orte Sprint:

This week WOD highlight is what propels us to run not further, but faster. In fact, every athlete should have 1-2 days a week dedicated purely for speed training.

In the past 3 months I’ve been focusing solely on running as a go to exercise: speed intervals, 80/20 and slow running, tempo runs etc. Running 5-6 times a week.

This directly impact my racing times. As an example: before focusing on improving my speed I would finish in top 50-70 elite. Now I am slowly gaining momentum and in one of the last races finished 38th. It is a steady improvement that comes from such WODs like speed intervals.

We mentioned before about the basic protocol to achieve this, but here are some template sets I like to use myself:

  • 8x200m sprints with 1 minute recovery walk/jog between
  • 10x200m sprints with 1 minute recovery walk/jog in between
  • 8x400m sprints with 200m recovery walk/jog in between


All of these should be wrapped with enough of warmup and cool down time. I like to do at least 5-10minutes of each, depended how my body feels. So listen to your body and see if you are ready to start speed work or need more accelerations to reach it.

Here’s a shot of my last week’s pre-race speed intervals:



As you can see it is taken in recovery brisk walk, thus the HRM of 130+. The peaks on the watch face are also the peaks in speed and elevate HRM up to approx. 175-180. Note that this will vary depended on your current condition, gender etc. If you would like to calculate your Heart rate max for better understanding and tweaking your running read this article we published sometime back.



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