Let’s face it: burpees can break down even the toughest of athletes. Especially when it comes to pushing out 200 or 300 of them in a single workout, not mentioning of the mental struggles when it comes to doing something close to a thousand.

Sometimes you need to upgrade the basic movement and create a hybrid workout that will work on your conditioning for the races, as well as build explosive power and agility.

Ladies and gents, I’m talking about pullup-burpees.

They are not here to break your will via shear numbers. They will however make you sweat buckets and put your heartrate on virtual steroids.

The basic protocol to do pullup-burpee workout:

  • Find a pullup bar
  • Drop to the ground to do a burpee and once that’s done
  • Jump up on the pullup bar to do a pullup


Now do this for a certain amount, e.g. 100 reps in total, splitting it into sets as appropriate to your fitness level.

Note, that you should also use momentum to propel you to a jumping pullup. For more advanced and tougher version  stand up from your burpee and do a still pullup instead.


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