Workout highlight of the week is taking your workout outdoors – hitting the trails.

We wrote quite a few articles why you should train only outdoors. Yet the main reason to take your running outside is softer, but more challenging terrain. This means you will get a bigger bang for the buck.

Our article on Kenyan secrets and training principles mentions avoiding hard surface runs. In fact, every coach interviewed in that book is adamant to put their elite athletes only on soft ground. This is especially important with higher volumes of training.

Benefits aside, here’s a specific protocol:

  • Find a technical terrain trail
  • Run for 4 miles
  • Take it easy and have fun. Here’s an idea: Take a metronome with you to work on your cadence, invite a friend and have a blast.


Also don’t forget to log your workout and connect with us on Strava:

Vytautas / Helena

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