My Gritcamp OCR workout this week is LSD (long slow distance) running on technical terrain:

If you haven’t already, you should add long and slow distance runs to your routine.

We mentioned quite a few times on importance on going slow for prolonged amounts of time. This builds resilience, stamina and durability required to dominate both: short and long races.

Book by endurance athlete and author Matt Fitzgerald ’80/20 running’ is a perfect example. This book is a manual to becoming endurance athlete and if you haven’t already read it, do so.

80/20 principle adapts the Pareto efficiency to running. Basically to progress with your running you should focus on spliting running time by intensity. First: 80% of it should be done in very slow aerobic pace (<75% HR effort. While second part: 20% should be very fast intervals and tempo runs. Simple as that.

To raise the running bar up to 80% you need to have at least 1 long and slow running day.

The basic protocol could look like this:

  • On a weekend day (since on average we can dedicate more time running) run for 60, 90, 100, 120… minutes in a low steady pace (<75% HR effort).
  • Aim for hilly, technical and natural obstacles rich terrain.


If you are not sure what <75% HR translates to, check our post on HR monitoring to improve running. Put to basics this should be the zone you can still talk to your friend while running – easy aerobic effort.


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